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Garden tapestries (1999-2001)



Designs the Garden Tapestries (1999), comprising of three individual pieces, Adam, Eve and Uccello. Commenting on the latter, le Brocquy says: 'I have named this tapestry after the great fifteenth century artist, Paolo Di Bono, better known as Uccello, whose amazing Rout of San Romano I have admired since painting first interested me. I am still moved by its then adventurous perception of space and perspective, including that astonishing foreshortened figure lying in full armour under the horses' hooves. But yet another wonder which haunts me in this painting is the recurrent emergence of oranges, appearing like small suns from their dark foliage, very much as I saw them a little later, unbelievably exotic, blazing from their small trees on the sidewalks of the frontier town of Menton in 1939.'